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Some exciting reading just for kids, and those who love them!


Why Am I Me?

What happens when The Dot Family and The Stripe Family meet at the intersection of Ash and Elm Streets?   A colourful tale of diversity and celebration!  For very young readers and, quite possibly, Grandpa. New from Graham Harrop

Available on Amazon:

Dot and Stripe family-cover


NOW AVAILABLE!! A cruise line colouring book for young passengers – ideal as a souvenir gift of your time at sea, or to increase the anticipation of the fun they’ll have on board on their very own voyage. Great for cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators. Logo inclusion available at no extra cost on quantity orders.

For quantity orders, please contact us at:                         8″ x 10″ B&W pages with colour cover.


The NEVER Book by cartoonist Graham Harrop. A whimsical look at rules that should NEVER be broken, from a child’s point of view. A fun and adventurous take on young imaginations.  Available on Amazon:

A fun activity for the littlest guests!

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