Behind Every Great Person There Was a Cat

The cat in history: few know that the friendly feline has played such a vital role in human progress. From Shakespeare to Napoleon to Obama, the great figures of human history have all been subject to the foibles of that most endearing of tyrants – the pink-nosed house-cat. A cartoon collection from TEN CATS’ creatorContinue reading “Behind Every Great Person There Was a Cat”

Here Comes the Sillybus!

All Aboard the Sillybus! An imaginative ride that every child would like to take, from the imagination of TEN CATS comic strip creator Graham Harrop NOW ON AMAZON! Full Color on White paper 28 pages ISBN-13: 978-1986279444 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

A Day at the Animal Welfare Conference

At the Animal Welfare Conference… anything goes when the animals themselves choose to attend! A handy conference notebook from TEN CATS comic strip creator Graham Harrop. A Gryndstone and Fusspot Press publication Also available as an e-book! Logo or conference details can be added for your organization and a private link given upon request. reading “A Day at the Animal Welfare Conference”

TEN CATS – The Chesney Chronicles

For the first time in print!!  TEN CATS live in an abandoned warehouse, where they are cared for by a young girl named Annie. Unbeknownst to her, the cats hold regular board meetings where they issue pilot licences to birds, run air traffic control and a taxi dispatch, the infamous Cats’ Inn, and radio stationContinue reading “TEN CATS – The Chesney Chronicles”

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

A whimsical and affectionate look at Canada’s 150th Birthday, by cartoonist Graham Harrop.  Find out how Canada’s iconic creatures are celebrating this milestone! ISBN-13: 978-1542388504        32 full-colour cartoons….     Images available by special arrangement with the artist. To order the printed book, please visit the e-store at: and visit theContinue reading “Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!”

Cartoon collections from Graham Harrop

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